Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just an update to let you know that two of my most favorite Stationary and Invitations Lines, Bella Figura and Smock Papers are offering nice incentives combined with Catherine Gretta Affairs of Distinctions Gift Cards. Email or call with your interests and we can discuss. For an online preview of the Bella Figura Collections, check www.bellafigura.com.

Please know that I am happy to order samples for you and register your name so that you are eligible for all the promotions. Feel free to share with associates, family or friends who may have interest. Let me know how I can be of service!



Monday, March 18, 2013

LUXE News from Catherine ❤

Ahh, the day after the big day............  While I do not know exactly where to begin I will say I rested easy last evening, so happy to have shared in one of the nicest days.

I usually tell my clients, "Let's begin with the end in mind... how do you envision your day will be" ... I envision this LUXE day to be engaging, inclusive of all and a newly designed innovative experience for the Lehigh Valley that will be appreciated and enjoyed.

On my ride to Lehigh Country Club I was was filled with anticipation and thoughts of what the day might hold.  I arrived to a skeleton crew and thankfully Marianne had fresh coffee waiting!  (Even Dunkin Donuts was not up yet! )

As the day unfolded (literally...the red carpet was being rolled out)  Tablescapings, vignettes, sound and lights, flowers, aromas from Chef's kitchen were escaping and One by one, the loyal worker bees were arriving. Hair and Makeup artists attending to our models, (miraculously bring me back to life) and the excitement builds. Oh how we worked.........so much to do and very little time to make it happen, but we did.  

We grouped, we gathered and we happily welcomed a warm and willing group of Brides, Grooms, Mothers and Fathers accompanied by family and friends.

And so we begin....  Anthony, an accomplished high school student played the piano. Our guests played on the red carpet,  photos were taken and the Staff (wearing wedding cake hats) was happily waiting at the end of the carpet  with trays of pink champagne.

Welcome Reception and Mixer, The Event Collective Wedding Panel of Experts, The LUXE Bride Wedding Dance and a Sparkling display that I cannot wait to use for a Bridal & Groom Welcome  or Departure.  Off to the Speed Planning Luncheon hosted by our new found friend Rob.....   Our Panel and Participants table hopped, meeting most of the Guests personally........sharing more ideas and answering additional questions.   For my part, it was "a room with a view" .... a view of the very accomplished industry professionals truly giving of their time and talents....a beautiful thing.    The 100Grand Ending with a Q&A surrounded by the TOP 13 Wedding Myths.......Everyone wins a 100Grand bar worth 10% Gift Certificate off on purchases from The Wedding Suite ........ Bridal Swag Bags were distributed with the LUXE Bride Gift Card offering services worth $3500+

Our guests lingered and chatted, I was so happy to see.  

An opportunity for a late lunch and our Event Collective and Participants to gather while indulging in the  wonderful selections Chef had prepared.......delicious!    My time with  industry professionals to share perspectives and thoughts...they were as gracious with me as they were with our LUXE Guests.

On to break downs and packing, hugs and goodbyes and just when I thought I was ready to go............I discovered I had lost my phone!!!   Thanks to my right arm Linda she tracked it on my iPad and you can imagine my surprise when she said, "your phone is at the King of Prussia Mall, Nordstrom's, Men's Department to be exact"!!!!   Oh gosh, say it isn't so...........They all laughed at me and my inability to accept the iPad was right!   Well it was and thanks to my tech savvy team they managed to have my iPhone(which was on silent) trigger an alarm!   Sure enough, one of the models had my phone.  None of us know how it got into her bag but it did! You guessed it, I was off to the King of Prussia Mall ... (clearly not what I had in mind 12 hours earlier..)

While most thought it was unfortunate that I had to take the ride, in actuality it was kind of nice.  It gave me some alone-time to reflect on the day and all it's happenings...........I arrived at Nordstorm, .... YES,  I wore  my slippers and retrieved my most trusted friend, iPhone!!!  Peace of mind....my security blanket!  Went out to my efficiently fully  packed car, read my texts and responded to messages, put the GPS on and ventured back to the Lehigh Valley!

While this was not the exact end I had in mind ~  it was a good one.......... one that promises new beginnings await and I look forward to each and every one of them.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

LUXE News from Catherine ❤

MORNING!   So the day before the big day begins.......
Having my morning coffee, as Rudy (the most handsome Cocker Spaniel ever) snuggles by my side, I apologize to him for being gone most of this coming weekend!  

The "To-Do List" was dancing in my head and has grown through the night!   Let's check:   Swag Bags, Programs, Registrations, Seating Chart, Placecards, Flowers, SquareCard Reader, iPad, Satin Ribbon, Ermergency Kit, Shoes, Comfy Shoes, (they are different), 100Grand for prizes, Signage, Frames, Consolidated registration lists, easels, done!  Pack the car, two appointments, head to the Club!

Read my emails, Amy is meeting me with the cakes, Katie is excited to dance, Celebrations is set to sparkle, Anthony is ready to play for the Red Carpet Welcome .... Rob made me laugh with his plans for the Speed Planning Luncheon, Skye will do our MOB's make up, more registrations, Linda will meet me at 1 to pack her car.  Lauren fixed my blog, Peter corrected my passwords (that's another story), Donna and Tara have the vignette pieces ready for pick up,  Models will arrive Sunday at 8, Christine is wishing us well.  Barbara picked up the poster print of Melanie, and is dropping off dress forms, Jonathan will make the floral arrangements for the Nordstrom Wedding Suite entrance.  Mabel will fix my scarf, Patti and Kirstie will help, geez..........Thank you, thank you, thank you..........

It's already 6 AM so I better get moving.  Chat later!   OX

Friday, March 15, 2013

LUXE News from Catherine ❤

Just going through all the bios and talking points of our Event Collective Panel of Experts.
Personally, I am honored to premiere this unique and innovative concept in Wedding Events to the Lehigh Valley...Be prepared to mingle with Award Winning Professionals in their areas of expertise ~ all willing to provide the value of their experiences.

Preparing for "The Event Collective" ~ the best day so far!

Registrations are about to close, however I have placed a few on personal reserve for those who have just heard about the Event or for those of you who prefer to be spontaneous.

www.luxe.catherinegretta.com * info@catherinegretta.com * 484.764.7819

Thursday, March 14, 2013

LUXE News from Catherine ❤

Where do I begin?! We have met with Lehigh Country Club. Executive Chef and Staff have planned an exceptional menu.
Complimentary Valet * Red Carpet Walkway with our accompanying pianist and Red Carpet Photography * Champagne Blushing Brides await at the entrance of the VIP Welcome Reception. And that is only the first few moments!!